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We set out to build community, and to strengthen community safety. We wanted to hold a safe space for healing, simple joys and celebration of our diverse AAPI community.

And, we did THAT!

Our AAPI Care Fair on 5/15/2022:

🥰1,500 attendees
💞130 volunteers
🚨1,000 personal alarms distributed
🌶500 pepper sprays distributed
🐶100s of puppy therapy patients
❤️‍🩹25 participated in our healing circle, led by Kathryn Lee
👊🏽50+ learned self defense from Jessica Ng and Sokie Lee
1,500 snacks and meals distributed from Kabisera, Lazy Sundaes, Annaye Tea, New Kam Hing, Moshi, Sanzo, Golden Diner, Mei Lai Wah Coffee Shop, Send Chinatown Love 
💕110 swabbed for Swab for Caryn and Yvette
🏮100s of pieces of origami art created
🖌50+ left with incredible henna by NYC Henna Queen
🪀50+ learned Chinese Yo-Yo/Diabolo from Luke and Linda
🌺50+ learned native Hawaiian hula from Hula New York
Video by Tony Wang
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